"The seminar was wonderful. So informative. And I must say, "mind blowing" at times. So, happy to see you walking in your obvious gift. This is conformation for me God had started working on me with some things and you jumped right in the middle of it and brought it all together. It's something how God works. I thank you."

Michelle Tipton

"Yesterday evening I attended a webinar. I didn't know what to expect but I was amazed at what I heard. Not only were sound principles and timely wisdom presented, but the root of issues I had been dealing with for many years came to light and I finally saw clearly how to put them away for good. With all the sincerity I can express I tell you this webinar can change your life. If you're ready to live your best life now, seek to attend the next event presented by Sheila Willis. Thank you, Sheila!"

Earl D. Foster

"What an awesome seminar this was. Thank you. It is just this type of format many in Toledo/Ohio are in need of to evolve and elevate our awareness, mindfulness and consciousness. Beyond religion, beyond theology and connecting to our humanity and purposeful living. Thank you Sheila Willis. please do schedule a return seminar. this was a great."

Bishop Darrell Nichols

"Everything she said lifted tons off my chest. Thank You Shelia, you are a phenomenal woman. You have no idea how you blessed me. You literally shared my exact testimony and I never told anyone how I was feeling. God is using you in an amazing way. God Bless you."

Tonia Reaves

"I'm excited to put into practice the tools given on last night. Sheila is excellent in presenting truth!"

Latesha Tubbs

"Wow awesome !!! thank you Sheila."

Franklin Mays

"This seminar was so awesome!!! Life changing stuff!!! I've been on a high since the seminar!! I know now that the power to change my life for the better is within me!!! Wow!!"

Shawn Star

What clients are saying....


Abundance Coach Sheila Willis started with a simple premise: help others to transform their lives in order to live their best lives yet.

Hello and welcome. By profession, I'm a Certified Abundance Coach and Transformation Speaker. I'm committed to assisting you to live your best life yet. Did you know that abundance, peace, and, well-being are our divine inheritance? However, due to life experiences we've forgotten our natural state.

My mission is to provide the tools necessary to awaken, empower, inspire, and motivate people to transform and live their intended life by returning to their natural state.

It was out of my own pain with struggle, discouragement, defeat, and scarcity that I discovered my voice and the tools necessary for transformation to help others overcome in these areas. My pain has now become my passion and mission to help others.

Now, I'm committed to bringing life changing messages of peace, hope, healing, abundance, and well being. Many people have been touched, healed, and transformed through these life giving messages.

Sheila Willis

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in her own words....

Born and reared in Chicago, Illinois after graduating from high school she earned a BA degree in Communications from Langston University in Langston Oklahoma.

Certified Abundance Coach, Transformation Speaker, and Writer. She's authored several eBooks on various topics. And, has published articles on the Daily Glow, Merchant Circle, and Gather News to name a few.